So this whole horoscope thing is bugging me and everyone else out today.

August 29, 2013
Pisces (2/19-3/20)
Your sensitive nature and kindness to others and the amazing way you have of seeing nothing but the best in everyone make you naturally appealing to others. So you probably have quite the collection of fascinating friends, don’t you? Well, don’t be surprised if at least one new friend crosses your path and they’re quite unlike anyone you’ve ever known. Enjoy them. This will certainly be interesting.

Brianne Corbett:  I recommend simple things for LIFE. Realize that most unhappiness is within oneself caused by placing expectations upon others who fail to meet them. Reduce those expectations and increase happiness.

Tied in with this is working to be SELF-DIRECTED while OTHER-CENTRIC. You can’t know what is in another’s head or what drives them. Only if they truthfully tell you can you know. What you can know is what is in YOUR head.

So focus on yourself. Make a well thought out plan for your life. Work the plan. Be the captain of your ship. At the same time, recognize that we are SOCIAL BEINGS. Life is pretty dull all alone. So celebrate OTHERS. Make their welfare a goal in your plan. Give them the value and importance that they deserve. RESPECT, HONOR, and TREASURE other people. This puts them at the center of your life without allowing them to pilot or control your ship. That you must do yourself.

Do these things and you will not need a shrink.

She is the most amazing human I have ever met. For reals.  I cannot find the words to explain what she means to me and what she has done for me.  I will share more of her in the future.  ♥ ♥