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So mad at my mother!! I’m dead on my feet, just woke up and she’s on the phone saying that if this is what I am going to be like at the wedding if I take the Ativan I just shouldn’t come.  I am SOOOOO close to not going.  I had such a good day with the vet telling me the kitten is perfect and smarter than me ( :O ) and then to find THAT PERFECT dress for my DeDe, and I was so tired, and I had just woken up and to hear that shit out of her mouth.  Nothing ever changes.  I could be fucking cannonized and pass 8 billion lie detector tests and she still wouldn’t believe me.  Fuck this.  I love you, brother of mine. You may never know what I went through to be there for you, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat because it’s you. Because I promised. ♥

And this picture? I know it’s not true. People DO care, obvi – like my doctor. But I can’t help how I feel sometimes. Image