When I first told people I was going to do this, they got all excited and stuff and said “you are such a good writer – YES YES YES!!!!”.  So I am playing catch up today on 4 or 5 days worth of everything – it’s kinda working – but here is my birthday wish for someone on FB.  Be honest.  Do you like what I wrote? Can you envision it in your head? Can you “feel” what I am trying to convey to her?  FEEDBACK, if you don’t mind.  Otherwise, how can I really know?

Happiest of Birthdays, my beautiful Ginny! You are always so poised and delightful – you take me back to a “better” time, sometimes. THAT is the ultimate compliment coming from me, trust me! My mother (grr) was a debutante in NYC at the Waldorf – that is where you bring me!! Love and light, laughter and happiness – today and always!