That’s ME on Any given day, not just Monday!!

Where is the time going? I used to be able to sit and stare at the clock and play my dumbass FB game and chat and read and and and – now I can’t even find time to unpack, let alone make a shopping list or get anything done!!  “They” say I am “severely depressed” – I am a hyper warp speed maniac trying to empty my in box that normally has MAYBE at the most 4 (FOUR) unread messages in it – I have 156 right now and that is only my regular personal RL account – not to mention the other 3 I have.  I can’t seem to find the time to do anything anymore – I am always racing around going here – doing that – what happened to the 300 lb agoraphobic drunk who slept all day and didn’t do anything?  I need to do laundry, unpack, litter boxes, groomers, doctors, shopping list, pharmacy – I know to you it sounds so trite and normal, but I am not used to this running and going and zooming and not getting enough sleep at one time.  How do I get into a “sleep by 11 – up at 6” routine?  Why is that soooooo hard for me to do?  I look at other people and what they do and accomplish and I feel like the biggest failure on the planet and then all my friends tell me how amazing and strong I am and I am like WHAT?? Are we looking at the same person?  Are there two of me and I don’t know it?  OMG it’s almost 11 – I have to go go go!!!!