18 years ago, when I made the decision to send my daughter to a Waldorf school, EVERYONE (except my mother – yes I will give credit when it is due, even if it is to HER) said WTF – you are going to RUIN her, she won’t be normal, she won’t be up to peer level, she won’t blah blah blah blah yadda.  Fast forward to now – Deeds has been all over the world, has her own place, her own car, pays her own bills, goes to school part time, is working towards the nursing degree that will make her famous one day (just you watch!!) and has ZERO problems with technology – she makes me look stoopid – and I was the techno queen for all those years.  So NOT having the tv, the video games, the constant texting, the computers (she got her first laptop in high school) did not harm her at all!!  SHE. IS. FOCUSED.  Rant over – I’m done.  🙂 ♥