In the past 2 years, I have gone from 317 lbs and unable to really walk, let alone leave my house, to 177 and always on the go (as much as I can, being as “disabled” as I am – I loathe that word, but don’t have a replacement).  I don’t see anyone talking GIF’s of me or putting me on Dr. Phil or Oprah or shit like that!!  I think people do this all the time, and it goes unnoticed, just as the issues people have with things like personal hygiene for the obese are ignored by the masses.  People need to stop and think and realize that overweight people ARE people, too, and maybe they CAN’T help it.  In my case, I could help ONE aspect – I quit drinking alcohol.  But not to DIET – I quit so I wouldn’t DIE.  Maybe we need more awareness, more tv shows on empathy rather than ridicule.  I didn’t go out because people started, laughed, pointed, made rude remarks, etc.  They didn’t know I couldn’t walk because my legs were fucked up from an accident and then stage 3 Lyme – all they saw was this morbidly obese fat bitch.  Now it’s “OMG you look so amazing, you look wonderful, you look LOOK LOOK – LOOK!!!!!!! I am the same fucking person I was before I lost the weight – I just am smaller now.  Does it matter?  I don’t know – you tell me?  What does my weight have to do with who I am as a person?  I am still fun, sassy, bitchy, bossy, crude, glamorous – I was when I was fat, too.  Kate Upton was “too fat” to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel?  REALLY??  STFU Uncle Karl you old shriveled up piece of shit.  Kate just won Model of the Year and was presented the award by a stunning 59 year Christie Brinkley, who either has REALLY good docs, or a portrait in her attic.  It was nice to see some flesh on a model for a change.  Kate is GORGEOUS!!  So am I.  So there!!  Except I’m a lot shorter. :p 😉