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Pisces Daily horoscope for September 8, 2013.

I had such a good time last night!!  All those years I spent “hiding”in the house because I was fat, worthless, drunk, useless – having the HUGEST damn pity party the world has ever thrown (Joan of Arc – step aside, bitch – you don’t KNOW the meaning of the word MARTYR until you have been in MY brain!!!!!!).  Steve picked me up in the Benz, we cruised to Pittsfield in style (we did NOT stop talking for SIX hours – that’s kind of normal for us, but this time it was different – he had a lot of questions to ask me, which is the reverse of how it normally is).  We went to BJ’s (I had a $5 coupon – he was happy), he bought me cat & dog food and litter, which is not covered under my EBT, and we learned how to use the self service checkout using his membership card and my EBT card, which was comical!!  LOL!!  Loaded up the Benz, and off we went to the 99, where I also had a $5 off coupon (that made him happy!!!!!) and we split an appetizer and I caved and had the fried chicken and gravy off their new smaller portions menu, which is AMAZING – I STILL brought half of it home!!!!  The service was 5 star stellar – you do NOT get someone coming over, asking to please cut into your steak to see if it’s cooked correctly, and then the waitress coming back to make sure someone asked if we were asked to cut into the meat correctly!!  I was like, are we at some fancy ass NYC place instead of the 99 in Pizzafield??  Unbelievable customer service – I will be emailing them later with a note about how absolutely perfect our waitress was, down to explaining how I could divide up my food so I didn’t eat too much!!  I has on my new 1/2 leather dress, my black bling leggings and matching black bling earrings and my new hair – I looked GOOD, and people noticed and Steve commented and I was on cloud 99!!!  <——HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  So we head home, still yakking, unload the car, I give him some raspberry pie for dessert and the brochure for the Fly Creek Cider Mill, and make him his usual “doggie bags” – some of this, some of that, the other half of the pie, some of the raspberry chocolate and Key Lime fudge I had bought at the Cider Mill, and some of the grapes I bought at Sam’s (there is no way Fabio and I are going to eat ALL those grapes!!!).  He took one of the light bulbs we bought – when Val and Don were up, we went to the BJ’s in Albany, and they got me those twirly ones that are in a bulb for the house, and they are supposed to last 7 years, but one burned out in about 3 weeks, so I emailed Sylvania, explained the situation that I did have the receipt because they live in NC, etc. and they sent me a coupon for $5 off, which means the light bulbs we got last night only cost $1 – SCORE!!!!!! So I gave Steve one, and I have two left – one of which I will replace the burned out one in my work room with today.  By then it was 11:30, which is SOOOO late for me, and I just haven’t been out doing and socializing like that in SOOOO long it took a lot out of me!!  I get this email from Aaron entitle “So I was talk to the little old lady who lives across the street” and the body of the email reads …she mentions that she sees my lady friend (meaning just that, but went out of her way to emphasize it in an awkward way of acknowledging that she knows we’re gay) in the big black car visits more often lately and that she looks fantastic.  

I was in 99th heaven again!!  I am still coming to terms with 140 lbs weight loss and the fact that maybe I DO look good again, and then that!!  I cried.  I did – I am not ashamed – I cried!!  I was soooo happy!!  I has been SOOOO worth it to stop drinking, lose the weight, and GET ME BACK!!!!!  ME – AME – going out again, having fun, doing things, going places, being my usual Glamorina Diva self – I LOVE this!!!!

THEN – disaster strikes.  I am signed up for the Enchantress of  Books Blog Tour as a host, and I am trying to follow all the instructions on how to get this on your blog and this and that and this and I am getting more and more frustrated and mad, so I said FUCK THIS, found some auction (Thanks, Dag – I am coming to Toronto to kick your ass for that one), got the picture on the blog anyway – hope you saw it – and will  play with this later today – and got some cook Pagan/Witchy/Crystally things at the auction, which I didn’t NEED, but they were VERY reasonably priced, and usually retail therapy will bring me back down to Earth when I start to FREAK OUT like I did about this blog.  I NEED HELP!!!!!!  I THOUGHT I had someone helping me – but it doesn’t look like I am a priority, even though I said I would pay her, so I emailed a couple of other people, and will spend today working on it in between loads of laundry and a visit with DeDe and Boone.

OK – I need more caffeine and to start the daily routine and answer texts, etc, but I just HAD to get that off my (very ample) chest!!  Thank you for listening!!  Happy Sunday, everyone!!  Enjoy!!  ♥ ♥  Love and Light, Happiness and Laughter!!!!  ♥ ♥