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Whether or not you were personally effected by the tragic events of 9/11 (is it really THAT long ago?), this is a MUST WATCH video. I am in tears every time I see it.

When I was growing up in NJ, and they built the Twin Towers, I LOATHED them – they ruined “my skyline” with their ugly boxiness, etc. As the years passed, they became just another part of the familiar skyline. I knew people who worked and lived in the vicinity of that area, and also knew one of the men who tried in vain to save the plane that went down in PA. When I first saw the skyline after 9/11, I cried for hours – they weren’t there anymore!! Even though I disliked them in the beginning, they became an integral part of that skyline, and now there was just a gaping whole where they used to be. I stood on an overlook in Weehawken NJ and bawled my eyes out – for all the senseless loss.