What An Amazing Day!!!!

You will find that some of these posts might be out of order – I am still working on getting this tweaked, but it coming along with the help of my amazing friend Ashe – thank you thank you thank you!! Got my first comment today – did the dance of joy!! Spent all day catching up with someone I haven’t really seen much of in about 6 or so years, but have known for 16 or so – so incredible to see us both as NEW WOMEN after going thru our own “stuff” – some of it intertwined, so we knew what we both were talking about and feeling. Saw another friend – she took one look at me and started crying – I had to realize all these people, even though they have known me for years and years, have never seen me this thin, sober or this happy!! What a Feeling!! ♪ More tomorrow – it is late!!