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Pisces Daily horoscope for September 15, 2013.

So I let my daughter and her boyfriend take my car down to Sterling Forest for the Renaissance Festival – after the whole tire fiasco on Friday, I am a LITTLE worried, but they have my AAA card and they should be okay.  I just have to save up for 2 new back tires by December – sigh.  Maybe Santa will come early!!  I can’t remember if I blogged about what happened or not – the Effexor is messing with my brain, and I don’t need that on top of the already Swiss cheesed menopause brain!!  Hopefully, it will be a nice, safe, quiet ride for them – they have good weather (albeit a bit chilly, but still nice).  I miss being there with them – maybe next year, when I can move around a bit more!! Lots to do here anyway, including finishing up some blog posts and getting ready for my author host day – so excited!!  😀

I slept most of yesterday, so I am hoping I can stay awake enough today to get things done!! Wedding pix are up, so I want to peruse those and pick out some faves!!  Don’t know if I can make the NJ run this Saturday, due to the stoopid tires, but I know everything happens for a reason, and Debbie’s show will be ongoing, so I will just miss the reception, which is probably a good move, as I don’t need to be smooshed in a crowd at 4′ 11″ and everyone drinking wine!  I will go when I can enjoy her work with so much distraction!!  Have a wonderful Sunday – I am going to go listen to “Sunday morning music” and get some stuff done!!  Love and Light!!