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I thought I had to interview the author – I don’t; I just have to promote her book, which I did.  My dentist calls – can you come at 1 pm for this procedure and we will do the other at 2 pm?   Sure – why not – get it all over with at the same time.  The phone rings again – it’s my cardiologist‘s office – did I forget about my follow up appointment yesterday?  Well, DUH – obviously since you are calling me (GRRRRRRRRR).  I tell them I am having ankle surgery November 4th – she says OMG that is such short notice (no shit lady – it was short notice for me, too!!).  “We have to get you in here a month before the surgery for clearance.”  Okay – you do what you need to do – I just drive and go where you tell me (and hit up Trader Joe’s because I am a mile away from it and they take EBT cards).  “Is 10 am okay?”  Well, actually NO since I can’t get my ass out of bed and ready and out the door to be in Albany by 10 am – so I ask if there is anything later.  She says they have a 1 pm app’t – I say I will take that.  I can manage that.  Hopefully it’s not a day I am supposed to be in Myrtle Beach.  All these friggin doctors!!  And no one is in the same place, although the cardiologist and the orthopedist are across the highway from each other, but getting from one to the other is a complete nightmare.  At least it’s not in Catskill!!  So I will spend 2 hours at the damned dentist today getting two procedures done today instead of one, and my author blog is complete and beautiful, with all the  info in place, and now I have to go get ready for the dentist (which I loathe with all of my being, even though he is a nice guy).  I am worried about driving, because I don’t know how the medicine I take to calm me down is going to interact with the new anti-depressant that makes you more depressed.  And suicidal.  And thoughts of killing people (“Ame – stop reading the fact sheet they give from the pharmacy!!!”  “Well, why do they give it to you if they don’t want you to read it??”  Ame – put it down right NOW!!!”  Fine – whatever….  Just wish me luck.  Tomorrow I can sleep in a little and run some errands that I won’t have a chance to do today.  Damn doctors!!!!!!!!