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Pisces Daily horoscope for September 19, 2013.

It’s a Full Moon in Pisces!

Blessed damn relief from the freekin fiasco that was yesterday’s clusterfuck.  I don’t know if it could have gotten any more screwed up if it tried!!  I get to the dentist – they do the deep cleaning on the left side, and then the hygienist comes in and says we are going to do the two extractions right now.  Okay – my brain is drugged, but not drugged enough to say “OH NO – Dr. Whatever His Face Is said he was doing one more filling, then the deep cleanings, and the extractions were the LAST thing he was going to do!!”  Panic sets in – then I realize I a) did not turn off the coffee pot at home, and b) did not take my lunchtime meds, which consist of something to keep me a little calm and my pain meds.  So there is NO WAY IN HELL you are ripping two teeth out of my head with no pain meds in me!!!!  No.  Not even a remote possibility!!  So Dr. What’s His Face (I can’t remember his name – it’s Khalifeh or something like that – nice guy) comes in, glares at me (screw you too, sweetie) and says we will do the filling and next time, after the deep cleaning on the other side, we will do the extractions – OKAY?   I smile sweetly and say “Fine – I will be ALL prepared for that for the next visit – I will meditate, medicate and do whatever else I need to do to get through that.”   I them bat eyelashes, cause that usually works on men.  It did.  He calmed the F down, did my filling, made sure he reminded me 800 times to get a clearance form from my ortho after my ankle surgery so he could work on me, and off I staggered to the car.  Oh my Gods!!  I went to the PO – thank you Beneful for sending me enough samples to feed my dogs for a week – got all my stuff, came home, ran to the bathroom, shut off the coffee pot, threw my pills  down my throat and off I wen in search of a fax machine.  I live in a VERY small town – so small we don’t even get out mail delivered; we have to pick it up at the post office.  So I got to the $ store, get AAA batteries for my menopause hair shaver for my face (freekin menopause), then go to the library to fax the 4 sheets of paper I need to fax to somewhere in Nebraska (I need $ for my tires, so I am raiding my IRA’s).  She tries 4 times – error message on THEIR end – won’t go through.  She says go try Town Hall at the end of your road (I TOLD you this was a small town – everyone knows everyone).  I get back in the car – there is NO WAY I should be driving – go the back way to the Town Hall, and the really nice pretty young woman who works there says let’s give it a shot.  She throws the papers into the fax machine – nada.  She says let’s give it a few minutes – sometimes this happens. So I sit and watch her multitask like I have never seen anyone do in my entire life – it was amazing (especially because I was so loopy) and after a few minutes of beeps and boops and buzzes, she announces it didn’t go thru – it was a problem on THEIR end, and I should try tomorrow.  So I go home – NOW I want a damn drink so bad I could taste it – I’m frustrated, pissed, my mouth hurts, I NEED that fax to go through – I WANT A DRINK!!!!!!!!!!  I get online, I email my “sober coach” (for lack of a better term), I tell her what has happened the whole day between the author shit, the missed cardiologist appointment, the double dentist appointment, the failed fax and the fact that I would love to go buy a bottle of nice crisp cold white wine and guzzle it out of the bottle – she says NO!!!!!!  So I do the next best thing.  I put on my jammies and go lay down on my bed, immediately followed by all the animals.  I am surrounded by purring cats – do you know how cathartic that is (notice that word starts with CAT)?  I immediately calm down and become at ease with things, and slowly drift off into a peaceful slumber, with the vibrations of the purring helping me to just relax and let all the pent up anger and frustration and fear fade away, and I finally fell asleep, not to awaken until 9pm or so, which was fine.  A bit late to eat dinner, but I picked at a pre-roasted chicken I had in the fridge, which also fed all the voracious beasts attacking my ankles!!

This morning, I will teach myself how to scan that damn document into my printer and email it off that way, so I don’t have to go wrestle with any more machines, and will enjoy the peacefulness and solitude of the day – and I wish you the same!! ♥ ♥