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Some of the coolest handmade affordable jewelry EVER!!

I am an eBay girl.  Have been for many years, spent a fortune one it;  made some money on it – everyone knows eBay. Not a lot of people know about Etsy.  Etsy is trendy – it’s crafty, it’s cool, it’s hipster, it’s handmade – it’s different.  Their headquarters are also located 2 towns away from me.  I have checked it out before – kind of spendy – not the deals I am used to on eBay.  I am not sure HOW I even ended up on this page, but all of a sudden I am surrounded by handmade, unbelievable things at VERY reasonable prices!!  I get excited!! (Of course I do – a Glamorina who comes upon a good deal – hell yeah!!!!)  So I start chatting with the owner Erica, and we find we have a lot in common, and place an order, and she is talking with me about what colors I want and what are my favorite gemstones  – REALLY taking an interest in finding out about ME – her customer – and how she can make my purchase the way I want it!!  Now, to me, that is EXCELLENT customer service, and shows that not only is the vendor wanting to get to know her clients, but that she takes the time and energy to learn and to ensure that I will get something that I personally will love!!  We (of course) start chatting, and find out we have lots in common, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for affordable, handmade jewelry and trinkets and other things – I am sooo in love with the whole shop I want to buy everything (BAD Ame!!), but I shall behave until Yule, perhaps (or sneak a little something in here or there!!).  Please check her out!!  Her work is fantastic, and that little personal touch is soo welcome and sooo missing from stores, etc.   ♥ ♥

I have just added a photo of some extremely amazing earrings made to celebrate the Day of the Dead – they are absolutely stunning!!  The blue ones are for Caribbean Day of the Dead – Dia De Los Muertos



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