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No words. Just tears. And the desire to do more.

This morning, as I got ready to clean my house (which is something that never, ever happens), I hear a commotion from next door, and my dog started barking.  I turned around to look out the window, and my elderly neighbor, who I do not know except to maybe wave and say hi, was being put into an ambulance.  I got up, and went over to the window, and I asked the EMT if the gentleman had any pets he needed looking after.  The EMT opened the back door on the ambulance, asked the gentleman a question, and the EMT turned to me and said yes, my neighbor had a cat and would I please look in on it.  I said I would be glad to – because that’s what neighbors do, isn’t it?  They watch out for each other?  I would like to think someone would watch out for me if anything happened…

I hope that he will be okay, and I will make it my “job” to be a better person, and get to know my neighbors better.  You never know.