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You can go nearly anywhere the winds of your imagination carry you now as you surf a powerful spiritual wave. Mercury disperses any resistance to your thoughts as it moves toward trining your key planet Neptune. Messengers may take the high road, but…

via Pisces daily horoscope for 2013-09-30.

Then there’s this one:

September 30, 2013

  1. Pisces (2/19-3/20)

    Does your wallet need to go on a diet, or is it starving all on its own? Money issues can create a huge amount of stress in your life, but you can get away from them, at least for twenty four hours. If you are worried about finances, today is a day to take a break from it all. Get together with a good friend and go off and do something that is fun — and free. Take a walk, bake some cookies, or play a board game together. It won’t take much to entertain you, and you’ll start smiling again

Yeah – that’s me – baking freeking cookies.  Too bad I have to go pay rent, use up my gas points before they expire and return my boots to Sears for the 2nd freekin time – at least this time it won’t cost me the gas and time to go to a store they told me to go to, only to find out it wasn’t correct.  At least they made up for it with free shipping for the return.  I am big on good customer service.   😀

Gorgeous weather up here – more like summer than almost October.  I just wanna go for a cruise with the sunroof down and the tunes cranking.  Maybe I will.  Why not?  YOLO!!!!!!  *smacks self for even saying that*  LOL!!!!!!