You think you’re ready for it.  They are out of the house, living on their own, living their own lives, paying their own bills, still asking for money – most of their belongings still in their old rooms, even though they promised they’d get them out 2 years ago.  You’ve moved on with your own life – if you are me, you’ve lost 140 lbs, gotten sober, had a breakdown, gone off Prozac and on Effexor and then off Effexor and on nothing now.  You’ve met new friends and tried different things and bought new clothes and tried to accept compliments gracefully when people say “Holy SHIT you look amazing” or when your old boss doesn’t recognize you at the Post Office.  You’ve tried out therapy and decided you like it.  You’ve come to terms with your 2nd surgery of the fucking year and you’re making arrangements and all kinds of groovy things. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepares you for the moment when your daughter – the one thing you love more than anything than life itself – sits across the table from you, grinning and beaming, and says “Mom – we got engaged!!”  I think the word I am looking for is “stunned”.  I knew it was coming – they are too happy for it not to have been – but my gods!!  They are so young!!  They have their whole lives ahead of them!!  They, they, they…..they’re so damn happy – all I can do is be happy for them, hope they know what they are doing, pray for a long engagement so they get financially secure (something I know NOTHING about), and that they do not have children for a good many years.  Please.

Mommy loves you both.  Congratulations, Deirdre and Boone.  May your happiness continue to follow you through your journey.  ♥ ♥

Deirdre and Boone