You know, she pisses me off so much that I have thrown her out of my life I don’t know how many times during the past, and then she’ll pull something like this, and it really makes it hard to stay pissed. I got my “I refuse to believe you got and are staying sober without AA” 1 year anniversary card in the mail yesterday, with my chip (yes, I know we’re coming up on 14 months – we are also talking about my mother, who I told once that I was getting married at 5, when I was really getting married at 7:30, and she was STILL late *eyeroll* ) and this was on the back:

Pagan Prayer for Calm and Comfort.
With your soothing finger, wipe away the lines that worries have etched on our faces, surround us with calm, let us rest in the glow of peace, as if we were encircled with the moon’s own light. Let our concerns and tensions drain away from us, pouring as water into your Earth… Ceisiwr Serith

WTG, Mom. Now I can’t even stay mad….

Ame, no matter what else you might feel or think, it’s working, flawlessly, magically, and without exception. Your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are the sole cause of the effects of your life. And while this may give you pause and have you wondering why you’ve not yet met with some of the successes you’ve sought, let it also empower you as you remember that the floodgates must fly open and the Kingdom must be revealed at the precise moment you release whatever else you might have felt or thought about it not working.

The Universe.
Ame, stick with it, keep pressing, because the rewards are greater than you can imagine.Image