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Rest well now, blessed angel…

I cannot express the emotions running through my head right now about this.  I learned I was pregnant in 1991 – at 7 1/2 months along – and could not fathom how someone could do this. News back then was not so sensationalized as it is now – just the facts back then – no bullshit, no slant, just the facts.

I read too many stories now about that people do to children (the most recent, of course, being the Adrian Peterson case) and it makes me ill.  I have a spot in hell reserved for Susan Smith, as I was soooo deeply affected by what she did I cannot tell you my thoughts about that case or what I wanted to have happen to her – let’s just say I have never forgotten.  My beautiful daughter used to do beauty pageants and win them all until people would come up to her and say “OMG you look JUST like that little girl who was murdered!!” Yes, she did look a lot like Jon Benet Ramsey, and yes, she did stop the pageants because she didn’t want to end up dead.  Think before you speak, people.  You traumatized a 5 year old.

I wonder how long this piece of trash who murdered “Baby Hope” will last in prison.  Probably not long.  I think justice will be served LONG before he can make it to trial.

RIP “Baby Hope”.  We all have closure now. I only wish you were still with us.