The complete set is available. This is real horror. This is not a work of fiction. 

The horror feels never ending and on top of that, though it ends physically after too long a time, it doesn’t end entirely. The author could continue his life story, his now phantom abuser in the shadows of his mind and soul, urging him on to self destruction. 

But this man, to me, is no ordinary man. This man reminds me of what happens when angels are born in hell. Though he bled and cried himself to sleep many nights, there is a light in him that refuses to go out. And I believe that light will win out the darkness in the end. 

If you decide to read his story, please know that by doing so, you’re not indulging in his suffering, but learning from it. Yes, there is a lot to learn in it, if you apply yourself. I don’t normally do horrific tragedy, but in this case, I think we need the scars this book puts on your psyche. These types of scars move us out of our comfort zones and into the kind of action we might not otherwise take if a situation presented itself. 

So. Happy Halloween.