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I know I vowed NOT to discuss anything holiday-ish until Halloween was over, but it’s close enough, and if you want something unique and one-of-a-kind and made to order and also to help out someone near and dear, please check out this Etsy shop.  We have the fortune of having Etsy have its headquarters down the road a piece, and I have slowly left ebay and am turning more and more to Etsy – I like the idea of the handmade items (they also have commercial items as well, but the handmade things are incredible)!!!!!  The vendors are easy to work with – I would say about 10 so far have made me cry with their kindness and their ability to work with me and my limits, and understand my needs, and they do go above an beyond.

This particular vendor has become a very special person to me, and without going into a very long story, this is how she supports her family.  She is super mom – amazing can’t even begin to describe it.  So if you are wandering the hallowed halls of the mall or other box store this season, maybe sit home, have a cup of tea, and peruse through some of her offerings. Ask her for something she can tweak that catches your eye – her talent is endless, and her kindness knows no end.  And you will be doing something good for someone else, instead of putting your money somewhere where no one cares or needs it.  I have pretty much boycotted as many stores as I can now and shop locally, with friends or barter.  The whole “shutdown” opened my eyes to a much wider picture, and the world would be a much better place if we kept out money out of the hands of people who don’t need it, and placed it into the hands of people who do.

So check her out.  I think you will find something you will like.  ♥