This Just Undid 2 Months of Therapy – I don’t know how or why I stumbled across this today – why, why, why – but I sat here in stunned disbelief – I couldn’t watch him anymore – my eyes were too filled with tears, but my ears heard his words and my mind – OMG MY MIND – filled with the images he was reciting as they were done to others that I have read about, heard about and of course, what was done to me. This may be one of the most powerful things I have ever had the chance to listen to – to feel – to encounter – and while it dragged the ugly demons out from their hiding places in my brain, in my soul, in my heart, I hoped – I PRAYED that every man woman and child that walks on this planet could see or hear this just once in their lives – the power in the these words in unlike anything I have ever experience, and I cry not only for me, or for him, but for the countless others who have no voice – who can’t say what is happening to them. THIS GIVES THEM A VOICE!! Share this as many people as you can – ask them to share it – if this can save one person then my job here is done and the pain and the hurt that I went through all over again while listening to these horrors will be worth it. Someone said please no don’t let her see this and I said too late – the damage was done years ago but it never goes away – like the scars on my body, the scars on my soul will remain with me forever – because they were done to me by the people who were supposed to love me. Yes, some were strangers – couldn’t go to a dentist for 30 years because one raped me, but the ones that are buried the deepest – the ones that will never be healed no matter what – those are the ones that came from the people I trusted to keep me safe from the exact thing they ended up doing.

i don’t know what happened to this man – this man with his words – I hope he won that contest or whatever it was, but this video – please. Listen to what he says. HEAR HIS WORDS. Feel his pain because it is tangible through the screen, And if you are affected by this at all – or if you know anyone who is – please gods please let them know they aren’t alone – that there are people who understand and that it will never, ever be alright – but we will survive. We will survive.