OK – I know I have been slacking since my surgery, and I still will – I need more sleep.  I fucking hurt.  No two ways around that.  Rip me open, rip out some shit that has been holding me together – literally – for 1/2 my life – accident happened 10/88; it’s now 11/13. 26 years of my almost 52 years on the planet.  And I hurt even more because of yet another round of false promises.  Makes you feel good when you make them. doesn’t it?  All altruistic and kind.  But when I call and say “Can I please?” or maybe “Are you possibly please going” and you get shot down each and every time, you wonder why they even bothered in the first place.  No, Omi – not about you.  You I haven’t tried…♥  But basically – a big Fuck You to Lip Service.  I can’t walk.  Not for 3 weeks.  Wow.  This is gonna suck out loud!!  Maybe you will get sick of me writing.  I know I am sick of all of your bullshit lies.