Pisces Daily horoscope for December 8, 2013.

Have faith in the future.  It is very hard for me to do that at the moment – the uncertainty – the waiting, the wondering, the WHY.  I have struggled before and have overcome; yet this time is taking its toll on me so heavily.  I am not asking for much. I want to stay where I am, close to my daughter, in the apartment I have come to love so much and regard as “home” and my safe place, where I am comfortable and my fur balls have room to roam and play.  I just need food and warmth and yes – I need the internet to be able to do all the things I do.  This is all I am asking for.  I don’t think it’s much.  So I leave my future in the hands of the universe and I pray that things will turn out okay for me and that I can continue to live simply, yet happily.  I don’t really think that is asking for too much.  I have had a lot – I have had nothing.  It’s the not knowing that is scary, but I am survivor, and I guess I will make it work one way or another.   I just wish someone or something could send me a sign saying “you will be okay”.

Just a nice little reminder, in case you are in the giving/holiday spirit – there is a link on the title page to my PayPal.  I am not proud.  I would genuinely and humbly take any donation anyone wants to make.  I can even do something for it if you’d like (legally).  Times are hard – so very, very hard.  😦  But I will survive.  Somehow.