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I got my first donation today from a lovely lady named Claudia!  I am amazed and humbled that someone would reach out to help me, and I can only say thank you and hope that other people will also do the same.  It is so hard for me to ask for help, yet at the same time it is also hard for me to be here knowing the uncertainty and the helplessness of the situation.  She told me that she understood what I was going through, and to have hope and to pray the the situation will work out in a way that I can live with.  She is correct.  I need to have faith that this will all work out, and I have left it in the universe’s hands.   If you can find it in your heart to help me, that would be a gesture of faith that I am not alone out there.  I understand people have it way worse that I do, but I am going through it, and the not knowing, the unknown is eating away at me.  Thank you for listening.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

I am enclosing the link here – if you want or need more information or want to ask questions, please do so – I welcome them.   http://www.gofundme.com/5ewzlk