That’s what the doctor called me.  He is going to be my therapist every other week until I can get into the state program.  3117 -177.  I haven’t weighed 177 since BD (before DeDe).  BUT – there is still the issue of ALL THAT SKIN.  You weigh that much for so long, and your body doesn’t spring back into shape like spandex or something. I need to have that removed.  What to do first? Get rid of the skin or fuse the ankle? UGH!!!!!  Why?? So I am sitting there and he says the Prozac isn’t  working (no DUH)  so it’s  either Cymbalta or Effexor and let’s go with the Cymbala and I said isn’t that the one that kills you and he doesn’t even bat an eyelash and keeps writing and says yes.  OK. NO HRT. He doesn’t believe in it.  I wish he knew what mood swings and hot flashes were!!  That it’s why it’s called MEN-O-Pause – cause they don’t have a freekin clue!! 3 hours of sleep – that enough, right? I can sleep tonight.

I have a good soul.  I loved that. Thank you, Karen!!♥  FORGIVE YOURSELF. LOVE YOURSELF. BE KIND TO YOURSELF.  Thank you, Robin!! ♥  I loved those.   BUT THIS – this says it all.  Thank you  Krista!!♥Image